On this page is some of the material that is new in the FOURTH EDITION of the book.

This edition has thoroughly revised and enlarged chapters. Main revisions are as follows:

1. Exercises at the end of each chapter and brief solution to selected exercises at the end of the book

2. A section on concealment of allocation, a brief on personalized safety and efficacy, and several other updates in clinical trials

3. More detailed guidelines on selection of regressors in quantitative and logistic regression

4. Further details on simple linear regression

5. A brief on spline regression

6. A new section on partial correlations

7. Revised and updated section on intraclass correlation

8. Further notes on assessing adequacy of logistic regression

9. Agreement charts

10. Further details on skewness and new material on kurtosis

11. More details on confidence interval for binomial probability

12. Box-Cox power transformation

13. Bubble charts

14. Sample size for estimating sensitivity and specificity

15. T-score

16. Sampling weight

17. Guttman scale

18. Full new section on demography and measures of fertility

19. R codes for intricate problems

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