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Third Edition:

Journal of the American Statistical Association (JASA) (March 2014, p452)

"It is a great reference for a researcher in the medical or biostatistics field who is not concerned about mathematical derivations."

Biometrics (December 2013, pp1086-87)

"The premise throughout this book is "Biostatistics is the science of management of uncertainties in health and medicine", as the author states. The sequence and contents are organized to follow this premise, which results in distinct structural divergence from the conventional biostatistics textbook. ... it seems to be an encyclopedia .... The book is structured so that the topics and chapters are self-contained ... One other remarkable feature of this book is its delicate consideration of its readers. The author begins this book with seven impressive tables called "guide charts". ... In summary, this is a well-written and well-organized book designed for researchers and professionals in the field of medicine and health."

Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics (February 2014, pp461-63)

"All other books merely claim that statistical principles and methods are useful and/or important for medical and health professionals; in contrast, this book aims to convince medical and health professionals that biostatistics should be regarded as an essential part of medical and health sciences. ... the author succeeded in achieving this challenging goal."

Second Edition:

International Statistical Review (Vol 77, 2009, p319) 

"The book contains a fairly comprehensive introduction of basic statistical concepts and methods used in medical and health sciences. The basic idea is to give clear verbal explanations with good examples avoiding heavy mathematical definitions and formulations. My opinion is that the author has succeeded very well in this challenging task." 


***** With complete chapters on clinical trials, observational studies, laboratory experiments, survival analysis, and more, April 10, 2009


Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

“…"... In addition to a thorough coverage of basic biostatistical concepts and methods including mean and standard deviation, logistic regression, and multivariate methods, this updated edition of "Medical Biostatistics" is enhanced with complete chapters on clinical trials, observational studies, laboratory experiments, survival analysis, and logistic regression. Of special note is the chapter on clinimetrics and evidence-based medicine. There are expanded discussions on the relevant subjects of epistemic uncertainties, crossover designs, equivalence trials and studies, hazard functions, and the log-rank test. Additionally there are sample size formulas for relative risk, odds ratio, and survival studies, illustrative examples drawn from contemporary medical literature, and numbered steps for many of the detailed procedures and remarks. "Medical Biostatistics" is an indispensable textbook and a core addition to academic library and medical school research and reference collections.” 


Statistics in Medicine (Vol 29, 2010, p1157)

"In keeping with its intended audience, the book develops a conceptual rather than mathematical  understanding of biostatistics. Overall, it achieves this aim well. The explanations given are clear and well written. The concepts are well illustrated with real examples."

Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (Vol 62, 2009, p46)

“The strength of the book is the range of topics … and the fact that it focuses on conceptual understanding. The book contains adequate mathematical explanation, without going beyond the capability or interest of intended audience … contains much useful information …”



The American Statistician (Vol 63, 2009, p283)

"The principal strength of the book is its comprehensive coverage, which is almost encyclopedic in breadth. ... More advanced analytical frameworks are also covered, including linear regression, logistic regression, clinical trials, sampling, survival analysis, multivariate analysis and quality control."


SciTech Book News (September 2008, p83)

“… The book emphasizes statistical concepts used in medicine, their interpretation, and applications, and explains the importance of biostatistical methods in managing the uncertainties in medicine and health sciences…”

The Behavioral Medicine Report (in April 2009)

“The author assumes very little background in stats with the basics and builds from there on statistical concepts instead of math formulas. A wide range of modern statistical techniques and issues are covered. Though written specifically for medical researchers, much of the information applies equally well to psychological experimental designs. I wish I knew about this book during my graduate level stats courses!”

AnalyticBridge (in August 2009)

“Provides comprehensive coverage of wide range of biostatistical methods used in evidence-based patient management, medical research and health administration…”

Hammericks BMA Bookshop (in November 2009)

“Medical Biostatistics offers a detailed explanation of biostatistical concepts and methods in an easy-to-understand format with numerous real-world examples, datasets, and figures. The second edition provides even more comprehensive and useful coverage of relevant topics.”

The Free Library (in August 2010)

"The book will interest anyone involved in planning and conducting medical investigations and evaluating data."

bjzhongke.com.cn (China) (in August 2010)

""Demonstrating how biostatistics helps manage medical uncertainties, this comprehensive edition covers numerous biostatistical methods used in evidence-based patient management, medical research and health administration."

First Edition:

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Vol. 52 (2003), p. 413

The book covers a wealth of information ranging from medical uncertainties to statistical fallacies. We are given a tour of the statistical field in clear and intelligent language…”  

Journal of the American Statistical Association, Vol.  97 (2002), p. 651.

To clinicians and other medical and health professionals, it will be of great help in planning and conducting investigational studies and in critically interpreting the medical literature, which is becoming increasingly statistical…” 

 Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics, Vol. 44 (2002), p. 249.

“There is a plenty of good advice about practical matters of presentation and interpretation, which, together with the chapter on statistical fallacies, make the book worthwhile reading for the user of biostatistics who may need such guidance…”

Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, Vol 74 (2004), p. 388.

“This book ... contains state-of-the-art statistical methods with examples and references to planning of medical data collection, analyzing and interpreting the data...” 

Resources for Teaching Statistics at www.swin.edu.au/maths/iase/resources.html. (Follow the link and search “Indrayan”)

“This book is a serious attempt to medicalise the science of biostatistics, and discuss statistical methods entirely from the perspective of medical and health professionals...” 

Analyse-it at www.analyse-it.com/links_books.htm.

“A very complete book on all aspects of medical biostatistics: probably the most complete book on biostatistics we have seen...”

Biowww at Biowww.net/biobooks_8_biostatistics.html

“Strongly recommended for all professionals and students of medical related disciplines who collect, disseminate or use data in any form…” 

Riskworld at www.riskworld.com/books/topics/health.html

“It also lists indicators for measuring the health of children, adolescents, and adults, and provides methods for assessing the validity of diagnoses, medical tests, and prognoses…” 

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