ERRATA (To be revised)

Page 203             Formula for sample variance in Table 7.9: (y - ybar) to be deleted

Page 262             Figure 9.6(c): "left" should be in parentheses

Page 281             Line 4: "Sensitivity" should be "Specificity"

Page 381             Line 9 from bottom: parenthesis is missing after -0.67

Page 395             Line 5: Square is missing (s_sub_p should be s_sub-p square)

Page 450             Last line of Example 13.2b: "30% when 20 survive" should be "30% (or more) when 20 survive"

Page 459             Section should be

Page 465             Section The title should be "Z-Test for Difference in Proportions"

Page 473             Section should be

Page 474            Middle of the page: "Bernard" should be "Barnard"

Page 717             First two data rows in Table 18.4: Months of survival are 6 and 8 (no plus sign)

Page 729             Lines 15 and 17: "covariate" should be "variable"

Page 832             Line 6: "Under H0, this is" should be "Under H0, for 7 or more 'successes', this is"

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