Medical Biostatistics, Fourth Edition, 2017

Authors: A. Indrayan and R.K. Malhotra;      Website of the first author: indrayan.weebly.com 

Publisher: Chapman & Hall/CRC Press www.crcpress.com

A complete biostatistics book for present and would-be medical-related professionals. The book explains intricate statistical methods in a simple medical language and illustrates with a large number of examples from contemporary medical literature. The text demonstrates how some medical uncertainties can be managed by statistical methods. Starting from most elementary concepts such as medical uncertainties and probability, the book provides an intelligent tour of most statistical methods used in health and medicine. For details. click Contents. 700 pages

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For topic by topic explanation of biostatistics concepts and terms, see Concise Encyclopedia of Biostatistics for Medical Professionals by Abhaya Indrayan and Martin Holt (CRC Press, 2016) - more than 1000 terms and concepts explained in non-mathematical language

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